Everything You Need to Know about CSPM

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) has shifted recently. What does it mean now and how does it work?


Azure Maps Creator extends location intelligence to indoor spaces

With IoT-powered systems delivering new and more accurate data than ever before, defining new patterns for taking advantage of location data findings is essential. Creator includes a new set of capabilities that allow an enterprise to securely create and use indoor maps that dynamically change as new events in spaces occur.


Earning *This* Amount of Money Will Make You Happier, Study Says

Recently, the adage “Money can’t buy happiness” was given a leg to stand on by a study suggesting a raise won’t have a real impact on your state of mind. But a different study claims that in regard to your income, there is totally a financial sweet spot for optimal

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Young man using low code application platform

The Rise of No-Code/Low-Code App Development 

No-code/low-code applications allow business users to quickly build applications without having to write any code themselves—and they’re gaining in popularity.

Cloud Security Posture Management

Everything You Need to Know about CSPM

Is Web 3.0 the Future of the Internet?

The concept of “Web 3.0” has been floating around for over a decade. A proposed extension of current web through standards (Web 2.0), it outlined the future concept of a “semantic” web. Now, a wave of newer technologies including machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain is bringing it closer to mainstream reality.Read More →

AWS has purchased Sqrrl, a Cambridge, Mass. security startup with roots in the NSA. The company helps analyze a variety of sources to track and understand security threats quickly using machine learning. The announcement appeared on the Sqrrl home page in note from company CEO Mark Terenzoni. “We’re thrilled toRead More →